Sport Super Unscented
  • 36 ct pack of regular cotton tampons
  • Tampons with plastic applicator for ease of use
  • Contoured shape is great for sports and other high levels of movement
This 36-pack of Super Absorbency Plastic Applicator Sport Tampons from Playtex is good value and will keep you well-prepared for most days of your period. These unscented tampons are made from cotton that's been contoured and shaped for a perfect fit. They're designed to stay in place and provide all-around absorption, and the plastic applicators make the whole process easier. These tampons are a perfect pick for athletes and anyone else with an active lifestyle.
Material: Cotton
Product Warning: Do not use if you have had Toxic Shock Syndrome
Disposability: Do not flush
Absorbency: Super
Number of units per package: 36
Features: Unscented 
Style and color assortment may vary