Hi there.

I was driving ride-share and kept wondering what people would want delivered fast that wasn’t already being delivered or wasn’t being delivered well. I thought to myself, “What about tampons?” Hmm. What about tampons? And then I waited because every great idea will be confirmed in some amazing way that screams, “Yes! Do this!”

My last ride-share of the day was a pick up from a grocery store. I let the rider know I arrived and waited for her but she wasn’t coming to the car. (Just what I needed at 10pm at night after a long day of hustling to make money.) I looked all over and spotted her. She was sitting cross-legged on a bench outside the market eating Ben & Jerry’s straight out of the carton like a gangsta. She gave me a slight head nod and kept eating. 

Mad respect, sister.

Then she walked to the car, opened the door, plopped inside like she did not give a damn about anything and proclaimed, “You know what I wish? I wish there was a delivery service run by women that would deliver tampons and chocolate. The last thing I want to do when I’m bleeding is race to the store!” 

I smiled to myself, dropped her off, raced home and Shoosh was born.

Shoosh is for world changers, creators, thinkers, designers, artists, writers, executives, scientists, visionaries, down in the trenches non-profit workers, athletes, engineers, chefs, actors, young mothers, empty nesters, mentors, lovers, healers, protectors, directors, educators, defenders, and sitting on the bench outside of a grocery store next to a box of tampons ice cream eaters.

Shoosh wants to make your life just a little bit easier.  That’s why we deliver feminine products in under one hour. Period. You go handle the big stuff. We’ve got this.

Cole Harmonson, CEO