Clean Wear Ultra Thin Pads with Wings
  • U by Kotex CleanWear Ultra Thin Pads with Wings
  • Xpress DRI Core
  •  Feminine pads with uniquely shaped Tru-Fit wings
  • Regular absorbency sanitary napkins with super soft sides
  • Lotion-free and fragrance-free period pads
U by Kotex CleanWear Ultra Thin Pads with Wings have the Xpress DRI Core that quickly draws in and locks away wetness. The uniquely shaped Tru-Fit wings help keep this feminine pad in place to prevent bunching so it keeps up with you and your flow. These regular absorbency pads are designed with super soft sides to help you move with comfort and ease. These sanitary napkins are lotion-free and fragrance-free. Each pad is individually folded in an easy-open wrapper with four colorful designs.
Disposability: Do not flush
Absorbency: Regular
Pad length: Regular
Number of units per package: 36
Features: Unscented, With Wings